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PigSkinGolf™ Pro Football Office Pool Alternative

Survivor Game Rules

This classic game is simple in design and easy to play.  You must have purchased your entries prior to the start of the first game of the season to be eligible to earn any prizes.  Deadline for entry is 7:30 PM Eastern Time on Thursday, September 7, 2017.  No one will be allowed to purchase an entry after this deadline.

Play is simple: Depending on the number of paid entries you may have, for each entry, choose one Football Team to win their game for the week.  If the team(s) you picked wins the game, then that entry will "Survive" and go on to the next week.  If the team(s) you picked don't win their game (tie or lose), then the entries where you picked that team are out of the contest.

You can only use a team once per season.  For example, if you use the Patriots in Week 1, you will not be able to pick them again.  You must make a pick each week for each surviving entry.  If you miss a week, that entry is eliminated.

You can change your pick up until the posted deadline each week... even waiting until the Monday Night Game!  (Though it will only leave you two teams to choose from, and only if you haven't chosen them in prior weeks!)  Good luck!!

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